You’re in the Army Now!

There is never a victory without a war !! We have not been called to a picnic but to an army-THE ARMY OF THE LORD. If you feel discouraged where you are, or you just don’t like it, then you may be in boot camp. Also, soldiers do not get to pick their assignments and if you are in special forces then you probably will not be very comfortable where He puts you most of the time. Special forces go directly into enemy territory even beyond the front line of battle.

We will suffer for Christ. If one hasn’t then check the spiritual compass because it may not be pointing the right direction. Why would He spare us when He did not spare Paul, Peter or even His own Son who suffered so much for His glory?

Suffering will either break down our flesh or cause us to run and go AWOL in the army. When we respond the correct way our flesh will become weaker and weaker and as a result we will know Jesus more and more.  That’s because the flesh can not have anything to do with the Spirit and as long as we have flesh then we have a veil between us and God. The thickness of the veil depends on our obedience to God.

Think about it, is it hard to obey when you feel like it? Of course it is but we do it, when we don’t like it, because we trust our COMMANDER and His word to us.

Obedience or even increase suffering leads to decrease flesh which results in the veil become thinner and we begin to  know GOD more intimately. Then His glory is revealed to the world through us.

I am so thankful God reached down to me in a traditional church  through a Bible study written by another Baptist thousands of miles away in Canada. He’ll probably never know the impact his study about EXPERIENCING GOD had on my life this side of heaven but God surely knows. Through it God saved me and put me into relationship with Him. Only God knew all that I would suffer afterward and how I could have never survived without Him. Even those who I see running from God and the assignment He has given them I feel sorry for because they don’t realize what they are doing. God is at work and He doesn’t join us we join Him in whatever HE is doing. We must look around and see what it is HE is up to and take His han

As a soldier of the cross, there may be times we might not even like the place we’ve been sent to and feel miserable. That’s how Jonah ended up in the belly of the fish! If we look to God He can help us love the way  He loves and feel compassion. Afterall, our misery is only revealing more flesh that needs to be cut away from our heart. Trust the Commander. He only wants to make the veil thinner so we can know Him and make Him known.

Where’s the Mission

  Its that time of year again.

“Where are you going on your mission trip this year?

 Last year I went to Africa but this year I am going to Nicaragua,”

 This is a conversation I overheard one afternoon among some Christian friends.

It has become vogue in Christian circles these days to take vacation time and spend thousands of dollars to go on overseas mission trips   People say they want to experience third world countries and minister to those less fortunate than themselves.  It almost seems like you are not doing your Christian duty unless you do so!  The big question is do you see evidence of a heart for mission work? Doesn’t it seem that if one really had an intense desire to sacrifice and tells others about the Lord then you wouldn’t be able to keep them out of their local nursing homes, hospitals or prisons? 

  I recently had a friend ask me,” If you could go anywhere where would you go on a mission   trip?’ I think I surprised her when I said. “I went on one last year when I taught VBS at my local church.”  You see you cannot stop a missionary just by limiting their area of travel for mission work is in the heart not a place.  How can I focus all my energy on “going over there” when all around me lives are falling apart? Many will ask “If people don’t go then how will those people hear about God.”  I am not saying Christians should not go abroad to minister. They should!   I am only asking people to check and see if they are meeting the needs around their own back yards first.  Are they seeking out the opportunities that are presenting themselves in their present situation?  Has someone asked you about building a church in your local state or helping an elderly person with some yard work?  Maybe you heard that someone was needed to work in the nursery or visit shut-ins but instantly said, “that can’t be me,” without even praying about it first.  Mission work is important all over this world but your world starts right where you live. Don’t be confused by “country club” religion that says, “I must go on an overseas missionary trip to be somebody”. 

    I know many people who are reading this article do all they can at home to serve their community and church.  This article is not for them. But if you have read anything that pricked your spirit then maybe it was for you.  Proverbs says iron sharpens iron. Iron cannot be sharpened without a few sparks of conviction. May those sparks start. a fire in our hearts to reach out in areas of service we never considered mission work before. Then if the Lord does desire to send us abroad we will only be equipped better to do what He called us to do.