It Takes Three Baby

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We’ve been through more twists and turns in our 37 years of marriage than the roller coasters at Six Flag. Yet, God has held us and brought us through it all.

This is a message received right after I awoke from surgery and saw my sweet husband, Tim, was by my side. It made me thankful for sticking out the bad times and I wanted to help others know it was possible for them as well.

We don’t just love a person but we love a person WITH their problems. If folks married with this knowledge then they would not get so upset when the hormones and honeymoon came to an end. Unfortunately, since most do not understand it they get discouraged and feel trapped in something they think they never signed up for. Yet, if you marry you DID “sign up” for it.

This doesn’t mean the problems of our mates are alright. Marriage draws out the stuff that needs to be worked on in our lives. A spouse must see that they CAN love their spouse without loving their problems! Together we can pull up the problem by the roots and finally not see them as a final indicator of how our marriage will be but as a stepping stone to the wonderful experience a marriage should be.

Marriage is a ministry and probably one of the most important ministries we will ever experience in our lives. It touches for generations to come. Children usually emulate what they see their parents do.

It isn’t an easy calling in life to be married but God will bless what we give to Him even when it is our weaknesses. He will take those and show us how to strengthen one another in love.

That love that comes from the source of love can move any mountain out of the way.

May we all, with God’s help and goodness, leave a legacy of love and grace that our children and grandchildren will talk about. Showing others that, with God, the impossible is possible.

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