“Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea until he has something to forgive.” C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

I really like this quote by C.S .Lewis. He didn’t say, “You must forgive”, like a lot of people do and make you feel like you are unspiritual if you are having trouble with it. He humanized it and let’s us know that our feelings are very NORMAL. Those feelings are not to be hidden or ashamed of; but rather should be wrestled with so we don’t give CHEAP or false forgiveness (which most people do). 

 Forgiveness without a purpose isn’t really forgiveness. It is fake and selfish. Real forgiveness is a true gift of love and compassion or care for another’s wellbeing birthed from a desire to see people become all God called them to be.  It isn’t this stuff people preach about forgiveness being “a gift you give yourself”. That’s only caring about Y-O-U!

Remember Jesus forgave with a purpose. It was so He could make us like Himself and present us to the Father without spot or blemish.

The Lord has a purpose in everything that has ever happened to us. He is doing something amazing through it. He is doing a heart transplant! He is taking away what we do not need & putting in what we do need because He is the author and finisher of our faith.

Our outcome is not determined by what others have done to us but our response to it. None of us chose our family or origin, or the mindsets we were taught, but with an open heart and open mind we can begin to change the way we think and act.

We must be willing to let the Lord have the defects we identify in ourselves. It can really hurt and feel like tearing off a piece of our physical flesh because we have had them and used them so long. Yet, if we allow Him to circumcise the flesh from our hearts then our true destiny in life can start to be.

We must want God’s plan for our life more than we want man’s plan for it. It isn’t easy. Every devil in hell will pull against us and try to deceive us through all sorts of ways; especially by reminding us over and over about the way other people have treated us.

We must not let the enemy of our souls sidetrack us any longer but allow God to work the real work of forgiveness in our hearts; no matter how long it takes. Then we become more like Him and the bride without spot or blemish He wants to present to His Son.

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